How to choose a propane tank can be a daunting decision if you aren’t armed with the expert facts.

You’ll want to have your propane provider’s skilled and licensed personnel handle all phases of installation and calibration of your system.

It’s also very important that you select a propane provider who offers:

  • A solution that includes both materials and labor
  • Delivery and installation of propane tank
  • Choice of purchasing your propane tank or renting
  • 2 stage regulator system
  • 10 feet exterior line
  • Anode systems with underground propane tanks
  • Return trips to complete everything including final start up
  • In addition, above ground propane tanks may be fenced, latticed, or xeriscaped with native plants to create an aesthetically pleasing installation for your home.

As the top local propane provider for Austin, Texas for over 30 years, we are pleased to share propane tank tips and best practices with our friends and neighbors.

Propane was first identified by Dr. Walter O. Snelling of the U.S. Bureau of Mines in 1910. In 1912, Dr. Snelling and some colleagues established the American Gasol Co., the first commercial marketer of propane. Thanks to Dr. Snelling’s discovery, propane has become your best choice for dollar smart and green efficient energy for your home or business.

Switching Your Home to Propane

If you’re currently in the process of making the wise decision to switch to propane for your home, you may be wondering how to choose a propane tank.

Our Propane Tank Installation Team is available and ready to provide all of your above ground or underground propane tank needs.

Before switching your home to propane, there can be several aspects to consider; what size tank, above ground or under ground tank, in addition to many other options.

A top quality propane provider will assist in your planning by asking key questions that will help them recommend the right propane tank and system for your home.

Now for a important point regarding professionalism and safety. There are certainly many things a handyman can do around the house however installing a propane tanks is not one of them. Installing a propane tank is not a do it yourself project.

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