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Serving Central Texas customers since 1981, our propane service is the safest and most dependable propane service on the market.

We are your local propane supplier serving Austin, Texas, and the surrounding Central Texas communities with fast and convenient delivery of propane.

With so many people trying today to save and cut corners on expenses, there’s a growing trend towards having propane gas used optimally instead of more expensive electricity. That said, average customers consume more than 1,500 gallons of propane gas yearly per their use of gas appliances such as hot water heaters, clothes dryers, or stoves.

Today, virtually everything, from forklifts to patio lights, can be run on propane. As industry upgrades and supplies improve, you benefit greatly by hopping on board the propane train to a better life and a better future.

Using recommended Austin propane, considerable savings can be obtained from the most common propane gas uses in your home.

Common Uses In A Propane Gas System:

  • Gas Stove Ranges

    Basic cooking chores consume about 25 to 50 gallons of propane per year.

  • Clothes Dryers

    Generally use about 15 to 25 gallons of propane per year.

  • Furnaces

    Typically using about 1 gallon per hour, you may expect to use up from 500 to 1200 gallons of liquid gas annually.

  • Hot Water Heaters

    A growing trend among homeowners, hot water heaters using propane use anywhere from 200 to 300 gallons per year.

  • Gas Fireplaces

    30,000 BTU fireplaces or room heaters average out to 1 gallon every 3 hours.

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Keep-Check Program™: 24×7 Care for Our Austin Propane Customers

The Keep-Check Program™ provides a complete package of propane services which includes:

  1. Never run out of propane
  2. Around-the-clock emergency number
  3. Automatic fill of your propane tank
  4. Annual Hazmat safety inspection on your home
  5. Energy efficiency audit – appliances and system

Green Energy Solution: Our HD5 Propane Is The Cleanest

Terry Garnett’s Propane delivers only pure HD5 Propane. It’s the highest quality and is the only propane you should be using for your home or business.

Kind Words From Our Customers in the Austin & Texas Hill Country Community

I want to thank Terry and all the folks at Terry’s Garnett’s Propane Company for being considerate of my safety concerns with the installation of the propane connections to our house. We sincerely thank you!

Brian B.Google Reviews

I purchased propane last week from you and was so impressed by the good service! Thanks!

Jazen Google Reviews

Thank you ALL for 18 years of EXCELLENT service, especially that cold winter weekend you guys filled me when I was completely out. Thanks again!

Jennifer C.Google Reviews

I have nothing but good things to say about your company and service. Thank you for being a great company with values and customers in mind. You guys ROCK!!

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