Terry Garnett’s: Austin’s Local Propane Supplier

Terry Garnett’s Propane has been serving the Central Texas community for over 30 years and is the recognized leader in propane delivery and propane tank services.

It started as a small business delivering propane to help their neighbors and today is the #1 propane delivery company for same day delivery in Austin, Texas.

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A Message From Our Family To Yours: 

When my family started our propane business it was a different era. Not much in the Hill Country and space was far and far between. You loaded the trucks and delivered and that was about it. It was a great time and I am grateful that I was raised learning all of the skills and best practices to help our customers and keep the business happy.

But now the Internet and other factors have changed things. And that’s why we’re awake, smiling, and putting our positive energy into leading the way. Now is the time to reengineer the propane business and besides embracing progressive technologies, well… now more than ever people have to come first.

We know you have a busy lifestyle. We look at things like this; how can we contribute to making your life as smooth as possible. One example is our primary philosophy of taking care of your propane supplies for you. So you don’t have to think about it.

We understand that your home is more than just a valuable asset – it’s your comfortable space for connecting with your loved ones.

Plus, your time is valuable. You’d rather relax after work. That’s why we keep track of propane levels in your tank (no charge – a free service) so you never run low – it’s one less thing you have to think about.

In addition, if there is a possible safety concern or inefficient use of energy, we’ll spot it for you before it becomes an expensive problem. It’s a win win. We build loyal customers and you get hassle free service.

One call to us and you’re part of our community made up of friends and neighbors we’ve gotten to know and serve in over 45 years of helping people.

We’re creating new methods of providing you service and we’re open to any and all suggestions. How can we help you is our goal. Then life just seems to take care of itself.

And that’s a good thing.

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