We love getting letters from our readers. This one seems appropriate for this time of year.

A Customer Halloween Horror Story

Dear Terry Garnett’s Propane,

Thought I’d write and share my Halloween horror story. I don’t need to go to one of the local haunted houses to get the stuffing scared out of me. Perhaps there are other Austin folks who will see this in the “propane news” (if there is such a thing).

My wife had saved up two week of vacation from her work so we decided to take a family outing to California to see friends. One of her cousins and her husband had agreed to house sit which was cool since they’d take care of the animals.

The trouble started when they noticed no hot water.  The husband went and checked the propane tank and found it was empty. Here is where the nightmare became a real horror story.

We just bought the house and only recently moved in. We left instructions for them to call you folks so we could start regular Keep Check service plus we wanted the system checked out with your propane staff.

No such luck. The call they made was to one of the fly by night propane outfits that barks all the time about cheap prices. You know. One of those outfits with the greasy truck driven by the guy who can’t wait for beer thirty.

Well, let me cut to the chase. We came home to a fiasco of oil stains on the driveway, truck tire ruts in the lawn, a stripped valve on the propane tank, and still no hot water.

We called your office and your staff helped us out by sending someone out that very day. He did a complete overhaul of our propane system and then filled the tank to the top. Hot water! We are on the Keep Check program too so we don’t have to worry about running out of propane.

Thank you for being the best in Texas! Thanks to you… no more horror stories. At least at the propane tank!


Austin, Tx