Propane Water Heaters in Austin & Lakeway

We’ve been providing propane for Austin and the Texas Hill Country for over 30 years. One of the benefits of our continuous service is our opportunity to share information. Information to help you in decisions concerning propane appliances for your home.

Many homeowners face the question. To switch to a propane water heater or not? We know the decision is sometimes difficult so we hope to make this choice a bit easier.

We will be happy to help you with professional installation and expert guidance to help you make the most of your new propane water heater.

To share more information, here is a great page from Lowes: Propane Gas Water Heaters: What You Need To Know.

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A Few Facts About Propane Water Heaters

Let’s start with an interesting fact that Austin, Texas and Texas Hill Country homeowners may find very useful. These days, as responsible citizens, we are all concerned with environmental concerns from energy use.

Here is a link to government examinations of water heaters.

Did you know that according to data studies, a propane water heater usually produces 50 to 70% fewer carbon emissions that a electric water heater? It’s to this end that government incentives and federally funded programs have been established to encourage environmentally sound replacements for electric water heaters.

Fact: A propane water heater is environmentally efficient.

Propane Water Heaters Offer Financial Benefits

Propane water heaters are a popular consumer choice for financial reasons too. A recent Google search returned 1,110,000 pages for the search query “propane water heaters“. Consider the financial benefits. Offering increased ease and comfort; it’s no wonder that homeowners are making the wise choice to propane powered water heaters. Let’s examine additional reasons for a propane powered water heater for your family.

Design Has Improved

Today’s water heaters have greatly improved. Technology has delivered advances to the design and efficiency of propane water heaters. Combine these advances with efficient flow-restricting shower heads and you’re quickly saving up to 50% of the hot water required per shower.

Regulating Temperature on Propane Water Heaters

Whether heating water for showers, dishwashers, or doing the family laundry, a propane water heater will provide more accurate temperature adjustments. In addition, many homeowners are pleased to learn that propane water heaters require smaller storage space requirements than their electric counterparts.

Tankless System On-Demand

If you’ve got a busy household with lots of family activity, you may want to consider the benefits of a tankless on demand system. Tankless systems can cost more to install however tax credits and enhanced energy efficiency can offset and pay for the extra value. What do you prefer, bath or a shower? It’s up to you however, on the average, less than 10 gallons of water is needed for a 3-5 minute shower instead of the 12-25 gallons for a hot bath.

Longer Lasting Systems

It’s also good news to learn that propane water heaters are long lasting and provide more options for your specific family needs. Think of the expected life cycle of your home. You want to reap benefits from your investment for years to come. Propane water heaters offer more options. There are more venting options, installation options, as well as more overall sizes to select from with a propane water heater.

Should We Replace Now?

We receive calls all the time to the office asking is it time to replace your water heater? What do the appliance experts say? Many leading authorities suggest considering a replacement if your water heater is more than 7 years old. By the way, if your current water heater is old it is a good idea to make sure leaky faucets are repaired as soon as possible. You’d be surprised how fast the water is wasted in no time.

Garnett’s Propane Installation Tips

Keep the thermostat free of obstructions. When you are insulating your propane water heaters you want to remember not to cover the thermostat.

Please feel free to call us at (512) 894-4480 for assistance. Propane water heaters make financial sense and perhaps now is the time to plan updating your water heater. You’ll love the changes to your savings and your enjoyment of your home.