Let’s discuss HD5 propane facts for homeowners. We’ll examine the question; why are some customers of propane providers unknowingly receiving contaminated propane which is not pure HD5 propane.

When discussing the subject of contaminated propane it’s very important to think about how propane is actually delivered to your dealer. In most your propane provider receives their propane via trucking company. The trucking company picks up the propane at the refinery or bulk distribution center and drives the load of propane to your local dealer where your dealer feels their trucks and delivers to their customers.

HD5 Propane and Why It Is Important for Homeowners

Problems arise when the trucks that deliver the bulk propane have been used to carry another substance other than pure HD5 propane.

In these rough economic times trucking companies often find that they are having difficulties making economic ends meet. To make the required money they need to keep their trucking business going they often choose to haul loads of substances other than pure HD5 propane at the end of hauling a truck load of some other substance they are faced with a choice.

Either spend the money to properly decontaminate and clean the inside of their tanker or simply load up on propane and get on down the road to their next delivery.

Now as you can imagine once. HD5 propane is loaded into a tanker that was not properly cleaned contamination becomes a fact. And the fact is that contaminated propane is not the run as efficiently in your appliances and is not what you are paying for.

A very relevant and important question that every consumer should feel comfortable in asking their propane provider is where they receiving their loads of propane from. Is the propane being delivered in a truck that only handles pure HD5 propane?

As you can imagine, fly-by-night and unreliable propane providers can easily sell contaminated propane to an unsuspecting public. The only defense a smart homeowner has is to get to know your propane provider and find out their strict policies regarding maintaining their purity of product.

We have been a family run business for over 30 years. With long-term relationships with reliable propane distribution centers, Terry Garnett’s Propane guarantees customers they will only receive pure HD5 propane.

One of the reoccurring themes that we often talk about is the reality of a modern lifestyle and busy schedule. It’s not unusual for both parents to be working outside the home, driving the kids to school and activities, and to have a busy schedule that does not often allow free time.

Terry Garnett’s Propane was founded on the idea of helping people. From day one when we started delivering propane to our friends and neighbors in the Central Texas area it’s been all about keeping things simple, efficient, and helping provide an ongoing solution to a family’s energy needs.

With the rapid pace of today’s lifestyle we understand that the most helpful thing we can do is provide reliable and efficient ongoing propane services. Our keep check program is designed to provide consistent monitoring of your propane tank and your propane levels in your tank. Your driver regularly monitors all salves and connections to ensure efficient flow and maximum quality in your propane system.

A key component of our commitment to you is our personal guarantee that we will never deliver anything but pure HD5 propane to your family’s home. You know that when you get your propane from us you are getting the highest quality propane available.

Our propane is delivered via a trucking company that hauls only pure HD5 propane. Not only does it ensure that were going to have propane available to you during the coldest weather when other companies may have a hard time even getting propane, it also ensures that even during the busiest seasons you know you’re getting purity of product. After all, it’s our job to make sure that we are providing you with the highest quality of propane available in the United States.

Every truckload of propane we receive is delivered to us by tankers that have only carried pure HD5 e propane. That’s a fact that makes us proud to serve our customers.