For many Austin, Tx and Hill Country households its time to plan for the colder weather. A time for taking care of all the details needed to be prepared for the Austin, Tx winter.

Here’s some news that can assist in making your life simpler and more efficient. Terry Garnett’s Propane can help take care of all of your propane needs with the Keep Check Program.

Call us at 512-894-4480 for propane route service and free enrollment into our Keep Check Program™.

The Keep Check Program™ provides a complete package of propane services which includes:

Automatic fill of your propane tank

Your delivery person fills your propane tank on a regular basis. Consistent fill of your propane tank helps you avoid getting one large bill when your tank gets too low, and prevents you from running out of gas. Running out of fuel is expensive, inconvenient, and not healthy for your propane system and appliances. Today, propane providers charge $75.00- $100.00 for a safety inspection and to relight appliances on out of gas homes.

Lifetime warranty/ maintenance of propane tank

We maintain your propane tank at no cost; inclusive of materials, labor, and painting for Preferred Customer Keep Check Program members. We are the only Propane provider that provides this service. Your driver will regularly inspect your propane tank to detect and repair any leaks.

Annual hazmat safety inspection on your home

This is another service exclusive to us. We perform a comprehensive and thorough Hazmat Safety Inspection on your propane system at no charge upon request. This service promotes safety in your home, and maintains an efficient and clean propane environment for your family.

Energy efficiency audit – appliances and system

Once again, our certified and Hazmat trained professionals will conduct an energy audit on your appliances to assure they are burning efficiently. There is no charge for this service.

Around the clock emergency number

We also provide a 24-hour emergency number for after hour needs. Plus, we exclusively deliver Pure HD5 Propane to your home. This is the highest quality propane direct from the refinery!

Don’t forget, now is the time to call us at 512-894-4480 for propane route service and free enrollment into our Keep Check Program™.

Keep Check Program